About Us

Finding a truly professional appraiser can be hard. We're here to make it easy for you.

Since 2003, our team has succeeded in understanding the real estate appraisal needs of individuals, attorneys, and lenders.

 You can count on H&H for not only a professional and fair appraisal but also for a patient and understanding, client-centric experience.

H&H Appraisal has set itself apart from other appraisal firms with its emphasis on client communication and quick turnaround time from appraisal order to completion. H&H Appraisal proudly serves the beautiful Middle Tennessee area and has provided quality, professional appraisal services in Murfreesboro for 20 years.

We are licensed and certified for residential appraisals in the state of Tennessee and are FHA-approved appraisers, working with many national and regional lenders. We appraise all types of properties, from historically listed old homes to new construction, from small homes on postage stamp lots to sprawling residences on large, open land of many acres, and everything in between.

While many licensed appraisers service the Rutherford, Bedford, and Cannon counties, we go well beyond the minimum of appraiser licensing and provide an outstanding client experience with ethically sound, thorough work, prompt service, and exceptional customer care.